282 gourmet

My 282 has allways worked well with my HicapDR with the necessary paddle link plug.
I bring home a SupercapDR for testing, and the 282 accept it gladly.
Now when I disconnect the SupercapDR and reconnect the HicapDR it refuses to work, the mute button flashes indicating a power failure.
I remember leting the 282 powered off during the night and then accepting the HicapDR again.
The 282 “remembers” the SupercapDR for a while and refuses the other partner ?
What is the purpose of the “factory reset” of the 282 ?

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When you connect a Supercap to the NAC282 you have to remove both link plugs. When you connect a Hicap you only remove one. So, if moving back to a Hicap from a Supercap have you re-connected one of the link plugs?

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The 4 pin paddle plug.

The flashing mute indicates power supply or link plug fault, so I would switch off and disconnect then re-connect everything carefully (don’t forget to connect the NAPSC and also power for the NAPSC (funny how often this last bit is forgotten). Perhaps also try the other SNAIC5 on the Hicap, just in case one of them has an issue.

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No NAPSC powered, no flashing Richard. I already tried the other Snaic, just in case.
So with everything powered off and the plug in place, the correct sequence will be power on the NAPSC, the Mute button will flash, power on the HicapDR and the Mute will stop flashing and after a while goes off, then power on the amp.
Correct ?

Sorry to hear of problems. Where does the gourmet bit come in?!

Now that the 282 tasted a Supercap DR refuses to gave a Hicap DR again.
Sometimes I have the same problem


I’d also try using the other links plug or at the very least remove and put this one back in place also that it is in the completely. It’s most likely that is some sort of installation problem rather than an actual breakdown.Also, are you sure the hi-cap is powering up when you do plug it in? (possibly the power cord is not pushed in all the way at the hi-cap end) good luck.

Does the 282 still work ok using the Supercap and two SNAIC5 cables ?

If it works ok, try putting the Upgrade 2 link plug back in place and using just one SNAIC5 from the Supercap (from Supercap Socket 1 to 282 Upgrade 1). Does it still work ?

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The Supercap DR and the 282 allways worked well.
I didn’t think of that, linking the Supercap as a Hicap, maintaining the plug. Makes sense.
What I did was simply power off everything for half an hour, plug in the 282, connect the napsc, hicap and amp. And bingo.
So it seems that its necessary some time off for to the 282 adjust to the different power configuration.
Or I did wrong something, dont know what.

Ah ok….Glad you got it sorted. The 282 may have got itself into a strange state and the long power down seems to have fixed it.

How do you find the Supercap vs Hicap on the 282 ?

A tentation… a little more of everything, without any noticeable draw backs. I liked very much.
Of course price wise …

I demoed the 252 also and… no. No justification for upgrade.

2 Hicaps I didnt try.

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The Supercap is a nice step up with the 282, especially with the 300. A good place to stick on the amplification side and just improve the front end when you get upgrade temptation.

I just upgraded to a SupercapDr from 2 HiCapDRs not expecting much. I REALLY underestimated the Supercap! Sounded like the 282 came to life for the first time!

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It´s exactly what I found with the Supercap. The old 282 gets a completly new life.

The Supercap has always impressed me. One of the best, if not the best, Naim boxes you can have. HiCaps (imho) don’t bring the same magic. Hi fi, yes, but magic…?

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Someone posted pics of the insides of Hicap and Supercap, exactly the same design, more or less the same components, only more power rails in the case of the Supercap.
So it would appear that 2 x Hicaps should be a lot better than a Supercap.
Why it is not so ?

Don’t know - I know nothing about the gubbins inside Naim and what differentiates one capacitor from another etc. Maybe it is just the number of rails? But I’ve always noticed the step up from either of my HCDRs to my Supercaps (DR and SC2).

Well, good question. Two HCs have more than double the transformer capacity and capacitance of a SC.
My dealer lent me a SCDR expecting it back, having sold me one of my two HCDRs. I did try to give it a go, but it went back. Was there a difference? Maybe, but i couldnt hear it. His recommendation is 2 HCDRs on a 282. He also ( perhaps no surprise here) says to skip the 252 and go next for a 552. But that’s a different discussion.

Someone said that the advantage of the Supercap over the 2 Hicaps is the “common ground”, whatever that is, and avoiding the differences of the 2 Hicaps. And is one box less, even that NAPSC is still needed.

Other question is if it easier to buy a second (2-hand) HicapDR or to sell mine for 1/3 that will cost me a (2-hand) SupercapDR.

Btw, the SupercapDR is already boxed and ready to return after the home demo, the 282 back to his HicapDR, the music is playing and… something is missing, that for sure.

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