282/hicap/250 dr power versus Cambridge monoblocks

I’m curious if you guys can help me out. How does the power output of the above combination compare with a set of Cambridge edge monoblocks. I know the stated 80 watts at 8 ohms of the 250 has more power than that but can anyone compare this for me? The reason I ask is that I’m thinking on buying a new naim setup and returning the monoblocks I’m currently demoing with my heritage special speakers.

IIRC I once read a test report with measurements of the 250 where the stated 80W turned out to be 90. Hence, in pure numbers the Cambridge has more.

FWIW, when I auditioned power amps for my previous system, the Edge W stereo power amp was among them and it didn’t rock me, I preferred the 250 and eventually went with the 300 and the full Naim system I have now

What are you using as a pre-amp with the mono blocks?

Using the edge nq as the preamp. However I think I’m going to return the monoblocks and either get a compete naim setup or a boulder 866

Interesting. I’m not happy with the monoblocks at all sound wise. After talking to some naim dealers I’ve narrowed my new system to a full naim setup or a boulder 866. So far from my dealer source he actually thinks the 866 is the way to go personally. Still thinking on options going up to the 300 as well but that goes into a new world of money which is always something to think about.

Interesting. I’m not happy sound wise with the monoblocks. I’m leaning towards going the full naim route to possibly 300dr or the boulder 866. My naim dealer who also dealers boulder personally recommends the boulder 866. So further research on my end is needed. Do you love i you our full naim setup now?

My money story is that when I heard the 250 I preferred it over all others but wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend this kind of money. Then on a whim I asked my dealer to set up the 300, which they didn’t want to, because they always ask first about what the customer wants to spend and are very reluctant to go beyond this, on the grounds of “you won’t be happy with what you buy”. But I insisted and then all dams broke and I went with NDX2/555/252/SC/300. Beware! :joy:

It was the right choice and since then I’ve been happy every day when I turn on the music

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I listened to a 250dr recently via a w252/sc and a similar pair of PMCs to my own.
Can’t say I liked it. Dealer tried a 500dr, better but nowhere near the drive of my MF power amp. Genuinely surprised and disappointed.
It could have been his dem room, but there was no sale. Of course he offered a home extended demo. But I came away more than happy with my own power amp.

What was the source? This should be an excellent system, but needs a high quality source or it will expose short comings.

Lp12. Don’t know what level bit was about £8k worth? Wanted a source similar to mine. Although mine is a gyro se, rb3000, benz ACE into a cyrus phono signature with psxR2.

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Just streaming roon through the edge nq. Qobuz.

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