282 + napsc

Can a 282 start with NAPSC only without a HICAP ?

Currently using HICAP but want to use NAPSC instead. And use the HICAP somewhere else.


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Impossible. 282 must use a 2 power supplies. NAPSC for control circuits. Something else like a FC/HC/SC for the analogue circuits.

There is no getting around that unless you downgrade to a NAP200 which can supply the power instead of a dedicated supply.

In both scenarios, the NAPSC is mandatory.

Which power amp do you use and what else do you want to power? As Fz said you need to power the 282 with something else in addition to a PSC which only powers the control circuits. This can be a suitable power amp, 200, 155, 150, 180 or such but not a 250, 300 or 500, if you use one of those or a non Naim power amp you need a separate ps for the pre’s analog circuits. You can power a Naim phonostage from the 282’s lowerAUX2 socket but it’s not intended for a headline.

The 282 is basically expected to be paired with a hi-cap or above (2 or super-cap). The napsc merely powers the control circuits and while necessary for 282, it will not work independently of another powering source.

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