282 Power Supply

Hi Morning all,

I currently run my 282 with 1 x Hicap DR and the Napsc. This works very well and pleased with the current sound, both via the NDX2 and from my Rega P6. Couple of questions please, if anyone can advise from their own experiences.

1: If you added a 2nd Hicap Dr to run 2 of these, did you notice much change.

2: If you added Supercap DR, what was this change like please.

3: Am I right in thinking that the 282 only uses about 30% of Supercap DR capabilities.

As you can probably gather, I am toying with ideas for potential next uplift, if you like…

Thanks for any help in advance and have a great weekend.


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Morning as with your current set up I ran my 282 with HCDR and NPSC

I purchased a SC non DR which took the 282 onto another level, diminished that slightly forward presentations of the 282 and widened the whole sound stage

I would not too hung up on the power the 282 uses from the SC, IMO the addition of SC or SCDR really adds to the music

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Hi @Thedomestique,

I have an 82 initially with one hicap sounded great. I then added a 2nd hicap and it sounded alot better. The Supercap 2 added more still.

Is it a case of diminishing returns? Not really as it just sounds better and better.

The Supercap will also make way for a 252 if you decide to go down that route.

If I did it again I’d be tempted to go from one Hicap to a Supercap and bypass the 2nd Hicap.

Enjoy the journey!

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Cheers for the replies. Food for thought there, yes maybe bypass the 2nd Hicap and go for the Supercap.

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I’d only get a SC if you are sure you will get a 252 in due course. The 282 only takes 4 rails from the SC and 2x HCDRs will give you 80% of the benefit for a fraction of the price - IMO - but I have carefully auctioned this question.

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Do you have a power supply on the NDX2?

Yes i have an XPS DR on it. Why you ask if you don’t mind ?

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It was just that you didn’t mention one and I was thinking to be sure you had the source improved before adding more power supplies to the pre-amp.

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Fraim first if you don’t have it already.

A hicap on a 282 had a nice balance, a supercap is more exciting and will firm up the bass, it can sound like you’ve upgraded the power amp with some speakers but can over egg things a bit. The latter only really noticeable in retrospect after moving on to a 552. If for some reason I went back to a 282 I would stop at a hicap and if I had a supercap I’d use it for the superline.


Ah yes Mike, I see your thinking. Although not sure what a 555 does for the NDX2 compared to the XPS. I do not read much about that combination on here, read a lot about the 272 and 555 being great partners.
That is another rabbit hole that I could go down, although I quite actually like reading and researching peoples different theories and opinions on things.

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Thanks Yeti for your reply. I definitely do not want to over egg the presentation. I wil leave as is for the moment.

With regards to Fraim - I am personally not a huge fan of the design look of it although sometimes I do see set ups that look amazing on it. Can I get the glass, cups and balls separately to go some way to better isolation ?

Yes, I can’t really help much. I have a NDX2 and XPS DR feeding a SN2, so my amplification is a step below yours. I do have a Superlumina full loom, which has made a nice improvement. I have focused on getting the maximum out of my electronics to minimise the box count.

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I’ve used 10mm glass with stainless steel balls resting on nuts. You can buy the Naim cup and balls as well.


You can get the cup, balls and glass from Naim separately or you get the 10mm toughened glass with bevelled edges from a glass supplier for around half the price (someone correct me if I’ve missed a detail). There was a recent thread about a DIY isolation solution started by @Xanthe you may want to look up, I stopped following it after a while so don’t know if it reached a conclusion.

I compared an XPS DR to a 555 non DR no a CDX2 and left with the 555ps. Probably worth a demo on and NDX2 so you might as well try a supercap too. I think you’ll probably decide you need both, my take on the supercap/282 is from the perspective of hindsight.

The Isol-8 is not something I’ve come across and may influence ps preferences so you’d best listen for yourself.

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I added s second hicap dr recently. Big improvement, mainly in clarity, separation and soundstage but also in lower registers of music. Really happy I added it. Did consider a supercar but the cost was too much for something the 282 doesn’t make full.use of and I have no intention of going 252


Continuing the discussion from 282 Power Supply:

This is good to hear as definitely an option I am thinking about. Does 1 Hicap do power and 1 do signal in this configuration do you know? Just trying to understand the technical benefit of the 2nd one ?

You do end up with 3 boxes feeding the 282 though !

IMO to get the best out of 282 you need NAPSC which can sit nicely out of the way of any sensitive sources - and then min HCDR or x2 HCDR or 1 x SC -

when I had my 282 the NAPSC sat on the floorn under fraim

On the 282, the second power input does split rail left and right respectively so each channel has its own power supply. The older 82 is slightly different with each supply doing both channels of different stages.

I went from HCDR to two & then to SCDR. To these ears, each step up was an improvement with the SCDR obviously being the best sounding option but personally if you were keeping the 282 & were buying the SC new, it would be hard to justify the cost vs uplift in performance vs 2 HCDR’s (as I did feel, while better the difference isn’t massive). I purchased second hand with the plan of eventually swapping to a 252. In this case, I feel it makes sense.

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