282 Pre-Owned Service and Recap?

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Hopefully this year I can find my way to getting a 282. When shopping the used market, should I be planning to have the unit serviced when I get it? I’ve read that servicing is good to do every 7-10 years depending on use. When I see 282s come up, the vast majority don’t mention anything about having been serviced and/or re-capped. What have you guys found about the necessity and/or benefit of this type of maintenance? Should I expect 8, 10, or 12 year old 282 is going to sound sad and depleted until it gets serviced?

One other question - has the 282 remained unchanged since it’s released? Are they literally all the same, no matter the age? I think the remote changed at some point, but is that all?


Personally I prefer to buy unserviced. That way it can go to Sheffield or Salisbury and given a proper inspection and service. That way I know it has been done correctly. There are others who can change bits. But it is up to you to decide if they know what they are doing. I.e. you have to do due diligence. Let the buyer beware etc…
As for when to service. I thought that pre amps had one of the longer service intervals. 12 to 15 years ring’s a bell. So only the early 282s would be due a service.
Saying that one of my 72s from 1993 was unserviced before it went to Sheffield and sounded great. My 282 is ten years old, and if I find myself going to Sheffield in the next year or so, I’ll drop it in.
I believe, but don’t know, than one 282 is the same as the next.

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Fully agree with @Thegreatroberto . That way when you get it back, you will have confidence that you had a good purchase, and it will sound its best

If the seller does not mention service, you can be quite sure it was not. Respectable sellers will usually know about servicing and mention it along with showing the invoice

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You can ask Naim service to check its service history from the serial numbers of each part pre and psu.

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I had my 2010 282 serviced last year. I did not anticipate any SQ benefit, but it turned out a really cost-effective improvement. I’d be confident of purchasing a used unit and then benefiting from the service if I were you.

Did you send it back to naim? Do you know if they did anything beyond change the caps?

It went to Darran for a standard service.

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Where I’ll take mine when I go near Sheffield next. Luckily daughter is at University of Sheffield.

Hey All - another question. Has anyone used an IR extender with a 282? I may have to locate the gear in a different room than the listening space.

Yes, several people recently said they did (not necessarily with a 282, but does not matter), I think in the system pics thread. An extender simply repeats the IR signals, so not an issue. Use the friendly forum search function to search for IR extender. The receiver is in the logo, so that is were the extender output must be placed.

Thanks! Yeah I was wondering if it was RF or IR and where there window/sensor is located. Slick. Will also check the search.

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