282 Problem First and now 250 DR problem

Hi evening all,
I hope someone can help or at least put my mind at ease that there is not some major issue.
System is NDX2, XPS DR, 282, Hicap DR, Napsc and 250DR.
I have gone to use my system tonight for the first time in a week or so. It has all been left in standby. I noticed there were no lights on the 282 bar the Naim logo. I checked the remote and still nothing, changed batteries and nothing. Turned music - radio on Ndx2 and nothing.

I then like a muppet was fiddling around with cables from the Hicap and now the 250DR will just turn on, i can hear no hum and then the Naim logo light goes off.

Not the best planned Sunday evening. 1st no 282 working and now the 250 seems dead. Both about 2017/2018. What’s the best course of action please re the 282 - Is this likely to be 282 itself or Hicap ? And what have i done to the 250 ? All feeling like a bit of a disaster here tonight. Oh dear !



Maybe check the powercords. Also on the back of the equipment. I had once a powercord that did not made good contact and the naim turn on and went out again. Good luck Mark.

Thanks, i tried different cables on both the Hicap and the 250 but still no luck.

Maybe try to put off the hicap and try without it. To see if the problem is there.

If there is no lights on the 282 except the Naim logo - are all controls/lights powered by the Napsc or the Hicap. Trying to narrow down the issue.

How do i do that pls.

You can’t, the Hicap is required to power the 282.

Check that the NAPSC is working properly as this powers the preamp controls. First check that the IEC plug is firmly inserted and not loose so that the connection is OK. Maybe check this on other power chords too.


Yes you need the HC. check the power on the Napsc. If my napsc is giving power the light go on. Then after 30 sec i think the mute function goes of the 282.

You are right. I forgot it’s not possible. With a 200 it would be possible, not?

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Yes just what @ChrisSU has been writing.

Yes, with a 200 powering the preamp you could have done this.


Check wall socket. Powerblock and so on.

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Napsc green light is on. I have tried 2 different cables to it. The 282 still only has the green Naim logo on. Nothing else on smd remote not operating. I have Hicap off at this point whilst trying.

I had this when I went from small Naim system CD5Si And Nait 5Si to 82, HiCap, 250 with ND5XS and DAc, and so on. Going feom simple system to complicated means if all connections are not correct you need to check everything.

Now I find set up simple despite a much more complictaed set up.

Once fully familiar with your system you should be able to find the problem.

At first with these set up problems I would take it all apart and fully rebuild it.

Good luck. You will get it sorted out.

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Thanks for the positive thoughts Dan. It’s not a new system however, ive had this current iteration for 3 years or so. Anyway i will ring hifi shop i think. Cheers.

I ended up putting snaic in different sections of 82 and got it to work somehow. I had one night where it was so stressful. I persevered and got it sorted. It’s a horrible feeling when you can’t get it ro work and I sympathise and emphasise with you.

Made be go nuts for half an hour. Stick at it and go back to it next day with clear head.

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You might try getting power from another wall socket.
I think and hope it is not in your equipment.
Good luck.

Can it be a fuse problem ?

I ws about to ask the same thing. Where do you live? Do you have fuses in the plugs there? Or in the wall sockets? Have you had any lightning or power surges recently (clock flashing and needing to be reset)?