282 Serviced - why did I delay so long

I hope that I am allowed to give a shout out to Darran at Class A for giving my 282 a much needed service. I had been thinking about it for years, and wish I had not waited so long. Even straight out of the box, there is much more detail in the presentation.

Thanks Darran, fast turn around and it sounds fantastic.



I need to get my 282 serviced too. If we’re allowed to talk prices and you don’t mind, how much did it cost you and did you have to send it off for a prolonged period, or could you book it in and then send it off the day before its service? I work from home and really don’t want to deal without it for a couple of weeks or something, I’d go mad!

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The last time my NAC82 was serviced - in 2014 - it cost £219, at Class A. Was done same day, by booking ahead.

Prices may have increased… :thinking:

Darran is easily contacted and will give you a cost, subject to inspection. Excellent service and cost for me on all the kit he has had from me ( including my 82, phono cards and napsc).


Go on, give us a hint how old your 282 is. I have been considering wheter my 282 is due a short holiday to Sheffield. Mine is a 2013 vintage.

He just did my 52, Supercap 2 and XPS2 all in a day. I did a road trip and saw my son in the Midlands then saw a friend in York Nd then went to Sheffield to see Darran.

Thanks Darran. You are a legend.

If you take your boxes to Naim, you’ll be without them for a good few weeks or maybe longer.


Mine is a 2005 model, reckon it was an early one. He arranged the insured courier collection and delivery, which added £20 each way but was so easy that I had no complaints at all. The actual service was £269 and he didn’t charge for fixing the scratchy balance control. It was done in around a week but Darran is really helpful and a quick phone call will allow you to find out how busy he is and what turnaround you can expect.

Darran said 15 years for 52, 15 years for XPS2 and 10 for Supercap2. He said that the Supercap 2 goes quicker than the other two boxes. My Supercap 2 is 2012, the XPS2 2006, so both needed doing. The 52 was done 10 years ago or so and probably was a bit early for service.

Still, if it’s done early that’s better IMHO.

Thanks guys, that is usefull. Darran has done all my naim serving except my late Olive 250. And i wish id sent it to Sheffield rather than Salisbury. My moans are elsewhere.

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