282: setting volumes of inputs to be similar?

I read through the manual, could not find it, but is there a way to set the volume of the inputs, so that they are similar as you switch between them? Selected CD is hot, selected phono is much lower, any guidance appreciated as usual.

Got my SCDR in yesterday, really happy with it. Now searching for a good CDX2.2 and power supply, and will be done, other than tweaks and possible speaker change next year.


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The shortest thread with the shortest answer of all time! Thank you

Is it possible to increase the Gain from your Phono Stage?:thinking:
Your System detail is a bit thin so don’t know what your TT/Arm/Cart/Phono Stage setup is🤷🏻‍♂️

I have an 82 and have managed to get a better match between CD and Phono by using 523 E Phono Boards, with a high output MC cartridge.

That would have been a great feature to have.

It’s not possible with any of the pre-amps using the old (but good) ALPS pots. However, it can be done with the NAIT 5, NAC112/112x, Unitis, and network pre-amps.

Then it might be a feature on the coming preamps. Only time can tell.

Bit of thread drift here and please bare with me; I have tried searching for an answer but nothing concrete…

So 282 AV input set to unity gain - I assume it takes the volume control out of the loop completely. How does this affect the 282 sound quality?

If say, I wanted to use an Auralic streamer (with a decent analog volume output stage); I assume I could use the 282 AV input set to unity gain and use the Auralic volume into the 282 (the general consensus being that the Naim pre/power is a holistic entity and sounds better than splitting).

Anyone tried something similar? Thanks

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