282 single HC vs. Double HC

On 282, quick question to those who have tried from single to double HC (DR or non DR), currently using single HC (non DR) and contemplating on adding a HCDR. Is it worth ?

Am I gonna get noticeable improvement that can justify the $ spent ?

Source = CDS3/555PS (non DR)

many thanks in advance.

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The HiCaps need to be matched as I understand it, such as sequential serial numbers although that may not be possible in this case.

Ive heard the addition of 2nd HC on an 82 which made a good improvement - for me.

I expect some will say skip the HC and get a supercap & would consider that if a future 252 was a possibility.

Happy Christmas, bonne fete.

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Plenty of previously expressed views on this - a search should reveal all.

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You are opening Pandora’s box as there are so many threads, and as many opinions. To save you the pain, in summary, you will find champions for both solutions and the only way to solve it is to hear for yourself. I went from one to two, and felt that it added a little of what I liked. Others say that the 282 becomes a bit bloated, so that is the dilemma that only an audition will solve. Be prepared, because very quickly people will mention a Supercap and muddy the waters further.

Good Luck…


I had the 82 with one olive hicap and then followed a 2nd olive hicap. I noticed an improvement and then went for a Supercap 2 which is where I settled with my pre with power supply combination.

Only you can decide if the 2nd hicap is worth it. I think it is but prefer the Supercap even more.

Sticking with one hicap is also a fantastic cost free option. If you are thinking of later down the line getting a 252 then a Supercap makes sense.

If you can borrow a 2nd hicap from a dealer it would be a good place to start.

You’ll need them to be both DR or non DR as they need to be evenly matched, although they don’t need to sequential serial numbers.

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As others have said, there has been a fairly recent post on this question if you do a quick search. I’ve gone from single, to double to SC (all DR versions) & each was a step up (more info in other post). Will say, if your current HC is non DR the best first step may be to have it serviced & upgraded to DR (or just sell/trade up to a DR version)

I added a HCDR to the 282 setup. The improvement is more than what I expect.

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Try this which is I think, the most recent 2 x HC thread:

I used 2 HC’s on my 82… :smile:

I spent the money, and I have zero complaint. For those still contemplating, NIKE - just do it. That said, I suspect the improvement has something to do with the Shunyata Hydra 8 conditioner.

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