282: want to switch inputs from Listening Position, confusing directions!

Trying to navigate through section 14.1 of the instructions/manual. Simply want to switch back and forth from CD to LP to do comparisons playing the same song on each medium, back and forth. (I can use any input for the TT)

Tried every which way, when trying to program, can only get the CD input to flash, not any second or third input…

Notice in the second paragraph it states: “…if it is not enabled it can be switched on by pressing the same button.” Which SAME button?? Prog? Mute?

And second question would be, if and when I finally get it programmed correctly, which button do I use to switch back and forth?

Any guidance would be helpful, kneeling down next to the rig defeats the purpose of a remote. Thanks in advance, jd

(Design upgrade for the hand set, like every other remote in the world, simply have a button to press for each input)

Does pressing the “Pre” button and then your input choice not work?

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Just figured it out by accident, if you hit the right side button of the mute circle, it’s scoots to the right to each input, doesn’t say that anywhere in the “distructions” , but that’s OK as long as I got it

You should be able to just press the corresponding number (1-6) to change input if you are in ore amp mode. If not press the pre button to go into pre amp mode

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Yes, tried that and it also works. Amazing that neither of these simple solutions are not in the instructions

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