282 with CB Hicap and CB 250

Good afternoon

I have an old but recently serviced chrome system. I am thinking of replacing the 32.5 with a 282 (and NAPS). Will the 282 work ok with my CB Hi-cap (not DR) and 250 (not DR). I saw somewhere that the Hi-cap has to be a DR but I am not sure if this is correct and have been also told a non DR Hi-cap will work OK and could always be upgraded in the future if desired?

I will mainly use my LP 12/lingo1 as the source and already have a Dynavector phono MC stage which my dealer set up for use with my Nova running separate speakers in another room.

The speakers I use for the main system are Dynaudio s40’s

Your guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you

The none DR will be fine for the 282, the 282 was developed a decade before DR power supplies were launched.

HiFiman. Thank you. Does what I am thinking doing make sense to you. It is difficult currently to demo but have for a long time been thinking the 32-5 is now the weak link to change first and i have an opportunity to get a 282 at a reasonable price so thinking of taking the plunge :slight_smile:

I ran a 272 with a CB250 but converted to an olive case with no issues, worked a treat until a 250DR appeared.

Have you considered servicing the 32.5, don’t forget the 32.5 was Naims flagship pre for a number of years.

The 282, CB HiCap and CB250 will be a cracking system, if the 282 is going for the right price go for it.

Yes i had the 32.5 serviced. It seems almost petty but one the switches on the front is sadly broken near the tip. It doesn’t effect it working in any way but it ‘annoys me’ and i have tried to get a replacement switch which is no longer available. I was thinking the new 282 would give me a more up-to-date pre amp (despite its age in development terms!), be a ‘step up’ and allow me to DR the hi-cap and 250 should funds allow in the future

Well I’ve just ordered a new 282 so quite an investment in old technology / design but its pedigree goes back further as the 282 shares its DNA with the 82.

Thats interesting. Hoping it will be a step up from the 32.5 and worth the gamble for me

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The 282 in your setup does make sense as you can replace the HiCap first for the DR version when funds recover as this will have the biggest wow factor then changing the CB250 for the 250DR.

282 with HiCap/250 from any era is a well balanced setup

I really appreciate your help, thank you

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What about an Olive 52/Supercap. Should be on budget and serviced will outperform a 282.

Might make sense if your not on a path to new Hicap DR and 250 DR


Will need to look at that possibility as not familiar with the 52. I guess i was thinking of trying to get a newer system that would still sound better than the 32.5 and make use of hicap and 250

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