282 without napsc?

Not sure if this is allowed Richard but can anyone tell me what I should be paying for a nac 282 needing service and without its napsc?

My first instinct is to say pay nothing. A 282 needs its napsc. If you happen to have a spare napsc lying around then check the bay for the going rate.

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Ok what should I pay for a serviced 282 with a napsc ?

Not bidding. I’ve been offered one that is sitting in a garage unused left to someone. I want to pay a fair price but I also want to be able to buy a napsc and have the 282 serviced.

Really hard to value. Napsc 2 on the bay goes for £200+. 282 with napsc goes for £2000+. So many variables: age, condition, service history, etc. You need to do some research and agree a fair price with the seller.

Thanks it gives me a starting point.

On the aforementioned auction site there is the option to search recent ‘sold’ listings but as @Graeme says there is a wide range as items could be nearly new or nearly 20 years old.

Why does a napsc get separated from its 282? The 282 doesn’t work without a napsc.


The last one that was sold in New Zealand was about 40% of the new retail price, but with the NAPSC, it was quite old though.

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I will ask the widow in question and report back to satisfy your curiosity.

I recently sold my 282 (with the NAPSC) for £1750. It was 15 years old and un-serviced but sounded fresh as a daisy.

The buyer bit my hand off at that price and didn’t feel any need to negotiate but I felt it was a realistic asking price considering that I bought it for £50 more than that ex-demo from a dealer and used it for 10 years.

Such is the value of Naim gear if you buy carefully!

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The NAPSC can also be used to power the Naim Headline headphone amp.

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