2go/122x/150x/hicap observations

Hi one and all

Here are some listening impressions using only my ears.

Main system is SN2/NDX2 bare. Second system as above. The 2go a recent purchase to replace my ultra rendu/1.2 LPS which will go out side with the rega gear which I find has less top end sparkle and is a little muddy which works well with our noisy Queensland forests as a background. The hugo2go combo is currently connected wired to an airport express and then wireless to the iMac Roon core. Note that at the time of writing this, 2go is still uncertified on roon.

The roon server has been playing from Tidal now straight from Sunday night so is very stable in this user case. High resolution files and DSD also play without issue. Wifi is another discussion but having not tested this yet I will refrain from comment.

On clarity the music is clearer than both the UR/Dac r and the UR/H2. The bass is much fuller than the UR/H2 combo and tighter than the UR/DacR combo with mids to upper noticeably more detailed also than both. Hugo2go black background is ever so slightly quieter than the UR/H2 and both are superior to the Dac r. On stability I would place it ahead of the UR/h2 and the UR/dac r combos based on my user experience this week.

I haven’t tried the Hugo2go combo on the SN2. The SN2/NDX2 combo gives as much detail but the bass grip is on another planet. Having said that the primary system drives floorstanding Focal 1028bes and the secondary drives Martin Logan 35xt bookshelves.

I do find the music presentation of the 122x/150x/Hicap more mid centric. Not in a bad way, it’s something I’ve definitely grown very fond of. On paper you would think I’d listen to the SN2 combo more, interestingly both put a smile on my face and that is why I love my Naim.

All the best - Rob D

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…if you are looking for a wonderful uplift then add a XPS DR. I add the XPS DR after running the NDX 2 and SN2 for six months bare and it was a vast improvement. Home demo if you have the chance. I know it is an expensive additions but for me it was worth every penny.

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