2nd Supercap or wait for NAC552

Hi All,

Not sure where to go next with upgrades. Current system is as follows:

Kronos Sparts / Helena / Transfiguration Proteus
NAC252/Supercap DR/Superline
NAP500 (not DR)
Usher Dancer Mini 2

I’m looking at upgrading the Sparta PS this year, so other major upgrades are out of the window. However, as Vinyl is my main source, I know a dedicated Supercap for Superline would improve things.

Just wondering if its a big enough leap to buy a 2nd Supercap while I wait for funds for a 552. I suppose I could wait on upgrading the Sparta PS to get a used 552 this year.

Anyone else using 2 Supercaps in a 252 / Superline system ?


Thing is, if you go to a 552 you’ll have a dedicated supply for the Superline. Some say there’s not a huge difference between the two? I can’t comment on a Supercap but my Superline sounds really good running off my 552.

Seems sensible to just keep your current Supercap until you get the 552 then move the Supercap onto the Superline then…

To my ears, the Superline absolutely takes off in terms of performance when fed by a dedicated Supercap DR and the right Airplug resistor to match your cartridge. Are you able to borrow a demo SCDR from your friendly Naim dealer to try for yourself? If so, that is what I would do as a first step.

Hope this helps, BF

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Wow… that is some redundancy …

How so Simon? I don’t follow you.

One of the reasons that I’ve always resisted a 252 is that if I could jump straight to a 552 it would free the SC for the SL. Alas…

It only takes a lottery win Lindsay. Almost bound to happen :star_struck:

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I am not knocking that it really works well with your Superline clearly… but there are many regulated Powerlines in the SuperCap and the Superline would be using one or two at most… the others in the SuperCap would be redundant not doing anything.

Hi Simon,
Are you aware that the Superline is only supplied via a SNAIC type cable when powered off a Naim pre-amp, though when powered directly by a SCDR, it uses an entire Burndy’s worth of separate supply lines to power different stages for each channel?

No personal criticism taken on my part, as I don’t have a Superline. While the Superline + SCDR is more capable than our Moon phono stage, the price gap of £7k vs. £2.5k at the time was too great for us to justify to ourselves, so we are very happy indeed with the Moon phono stage.

It’s a bit like using an SCDR to power a 252 rather than a 282.

Best regards, BF

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