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I have been reading with interest various posts on ATC active speakers, and although I have some olive boxes sitting in the basement I am considering departing from my earlier plans to reinstate these and instead build a completely different 2nd system around a pair of active ATCs. As much as I love my main system, I am quite excited to try a different flavor for the soon to be dedicated music room. My slight concern is that I create such a different feel that it is struggle to transition between 2 very different systems… and ultimately just lead to frustration. Has anybody tried running 2 very different systems at the same time? To be recommended or avoided??

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Naim with ATC passive in 3 rooms here. No problems transitioning between them, appart from tripping over cats. What is your main system?

You won’t know unless you try. I have 2 Naim systems in different rooms but as they are at different ends of the Naim scale and the speakers are totally different, they might as well have nothing in common.

I think the problem you are concerned about really only exists when building multiple systems at a similar price point. When you do that, you will invariable come to recognise one as better. When they are at different price points, it’s easier to appreciate them for what they are.

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I definitely agree with this.

I have a ND555/252/300 system in one room, and a Qute2 with Dynaudio X12’s in another. I am very happy listening to either! Two streamers sharing the same server is very convenient. Particularly so with Roon but fine with just a UPnP server and the Naim app as well.

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I have 3 different Naim systems, one a simple nait 5 + av2 into b&w loudspeakers, one has Ovators and in the living an olive system into sbls. I consider the differences between the systems as very interesting. They show different things, which is an enrichment.


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