connectivity issues with ND5 XS 2

Hi there,

Anybody having any connectivity issues sines the update. My ND5 XS2 is constantly dropping the connection during playback (Naim App and Roon) and also responding poorly via Airplay, as unable to pause, stop, next track etc.

I’m also getting a: “Streamer not responding message” via the iOS app.

The ND5 XS 2 is just unusable at the moment.

Any help would be appreciated.



Yep… ever since the update it drops out quite a bit. It seems to play fine for a while when I first start streaming and then it will start to dropout, sometimes several times during the same song. Thought it was just me and my WiFi.

Pleased you mentioned the airplay issue too, as coincidentally I tried to set airplay up using the Apple Home app. I thought I was setting it up wrong as once I thought I had the Nd5 connected it would only play for five seconds and then pause.

This gives me serious pause (forgive the pun) for upgrading my ND5… which I was about to do this week.

Are you in the US by chance, as I haven’t seen any other Nd5 owners complain of this?(although apart from @Stephen_Tate, maybe most of them are hardwired in).

Maybe it’s time to contact naim USA.

I’m In Australia, however being a long time Naim owner, I always find this is the best place to start.

Did your connectivity issues get resolved?

For me it seems to be happening when only using Roon now. Qobuz and Naim app seem to be behaving well now.

I’m not experiencing any problems here. I found things a bit buggy before the new update with the Naim app and Tidal but now is well. Maybe an isolated problem?

I think the solution is to reset the streamer, back to a new install effectively. Bit of a pain as you need to run through the setup and also add it back to Roon.

But after 3 days this seems to have done the trick. Was ready to throw the thing out the window :wink:

Only 3 days in with nd5xs2 and Im having this problem, reset didnt help, also, no roon. Any new solutions out there?

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