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Hi Clare,

Using the Naim app. and within “Favourites”, I prefer to store alphabetically and in artist order, favourite albums captured in Tidal.

Within the “albums” group, I can have them display, sorted by artist.

However, each time I open the app. they revert to the default, which seems to be “date added”.

Bizarrely, under the artists grouping, they are sorted by date added, the only option being album title, rather than “Artist”.

Woss goin’ on, then?

(Or is it just me, a bear of little brain, missing the obvious?)

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Paging @tomvamos on this one, as he may have some insight/suggestions!

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Thank you Clare.

Hi @dave-marshall,
This is currently default behaviour whereby, because we don’t store the last sort-order used (though it’s on the list!), all Favourites default to the Homescreen Favourites order which, apart from Presets**, are in date-added-descending order. The principal behind the Homescreen sort-order is that, having added a bunch of new Favourites (including Artists), a user may want to have quick access to their latest ‘acquisitions’.

** Presets can be custom-ordered via drag-and-drop

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Yes, I can see the thinking behind that … … … Guess I’ll just have to get with the programme, as they say. :frowning_face:

Many thanks.

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Hi Tom - have discussed this issue with Russell H at your end before: if I filter by Tidal or Qobuz then the correct order-by-date added is displayed but if I take off the source filter (ie. Local (presume this means UnitiCore) plus Tidal plus Qobuz) then order-by-date added doesn’t correctly display by date added. Which is a pain for just the reason you state: it’s nice to have the most recently added items at the top of the list. I have ticket currently acknowledged (124564) for a bunch of issues but am awaiting the start of the support process.


Can I also raise the issue of sorting artist by a-z and it getting confused by first and last names?

So when I sort I get Springsteen appearing before Kate Bush for example.

Not vital but can it be fixed? Apple seem to manage it although checking the Tidal app that seems to struggle. So maybe it’s out of your hands?

Not Vital you say - disagree - Kate Bush should almost be elevated to a silent a at the beginning of her name to ensure she is always on top :blush:

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Ate Bush? Oh my.

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