3 stack Fraim system

Hi everyone,

I have done alot of upgrades with my system.and have a big box system. Focal Sopra 2s were the big moment. And the 252 and 4 Powerlines. And servicing 3 boxes. Everything is good. The NDS is at Naim having screen fixed. I am now looking at ND5XS2 to be used as Streamer transport and use NDS as DAC. I have prepared a demo once the screen is repaired.

So I have taken on @Igel’s idea of moving my racks to the left wall of my room. The 135s are currently under the NDS.

The proposed racking is

Let me know your thoughts please.

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You have got way too much kit😂


So I have everything apart from Fraim base for stack with 2 x 135s and need additional Fraimlite to even out first stack. And then ND5XS2.

This is the masterplan. I want to do this. And I think it will work really well.

Then sell the lot and get Full 300NC system. :laughing:

Stack 1 : 2 medium shelves, 1 standard
Stacks 2 and 3 : 4 standard shelves

I’d have the 135s on the right. It’s easier to connect them to the Supercap, and it keeps mains leads away from the 52 and NDS.


So we move stack 1 to the end. The 135s aren’t connected to anything on the Brain stack so that would be so much better.

And then I can potentially plug 135s into mains radial sockets rather than block!

Exactly so. I may only have a Nova but I’m not silly! I think the three stacks will work really well in your room. Go for it.

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I know your not and I have always valued your ideas and advice. Thank you.

First thought is swap LP12 and CDSII with each other. The LP12 is more susceptible to interference from transformers.

I haven’t tested the idea out, but was advised of this arrangement by my dealer, Peter Swain, when I first got my LP12. The CDSII hasn’t suffered any SQ loss for being directly above the SC.


Sounds like a good move @Graeme. May not look as good but its about sound quality.

I was thinking something more like this. It keeps the big Naim transformers away from the 52 and LP12, gives the 52 the air around which it likes, and is nicely symmetrical.

Obviously, will only work if cables reach where they need to go and can be dressed well. (cable dressing becomes more important at this level of kit). Also, if the Zoneripper is electrically dirty, it will need moving.


So if I go for ND5XS2 can someone please clarify connections and cabling. My understanding is DC1 from ND5XS2 output to NDS input. Set NDS into that input on Naim app.

Hiline from NDS into 52.

Powerline lite into block for ND5XS2.

Internet cable from ND5XS2 into switch or router.

Is that it? It’s easy to get confused with a system like this.

Thanks @Graeme for taking the time to do this. I think its an exciting project to configure the box layout in a complex system and what will work well and look good.

I have my 135s on the bottom shelves, separated by a double height spacer, away from the power supplies in my two-stack system. It could give you more flexibility. Would that work for you?

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I was thinking of keeping Lingo away from Brain stack. It is dirty I believe. But your configuaration would work well with cabling.

At the moment the Lingo is next to phonostage, below LP12 and tbh has no adverse effects.

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I am going 3 stack Fraim as the levels are getting too high. With my boxes I feel that having 13 boxes this is way to go.

I agree with your thought process; i do not have space for three stacks, but I did notice or imagine a tightening in sound when I added a double height spacer above the 135s. That said, if I had three stacks, I would separate my 135s (stacks 1&2) from the power supplies (stack 3), cables permitting.

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For me it will move the stacks away from eye level and I won’t be looking at my the wonderful boxes when I watch TV. Will keep things streamlined.

Hi Dan,
Nice boxes! I also suffered about how to stack every thing. But due lenghts of cables and also space I got limeted. Very nice how you are working this out.
Good luck.