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Morning, I use qobuz through the naim app. On selected albums, not all, I’m only getting 30 secs of each track then it moves on, even though the list shows full track times. I’ve tried to find existing threads on this, but little joy.
Any suggestions welcomed.

I use Qobuz via its own app and sometimes I’ve found that there are 2 versions of an album (iirc deluxe / extended version) where the tracks are samples (30 secs) and a further look round reveals the ‘ordinary’ version album is fully available to stream.

On the app I’m using (squeezer), these albums are identified by an asterix before the title of the album.

OK, thanks.
The same album via Roon plays fine though.

Try logging out of Qobuz then log back in.

Maybe the Naim app randomly chooses either the full or preview album.

Take a look at Sade’s albums. Nearly all show up in my app as full and preview albums available.

Tried that, no change.
Poss preview albums.
Sade Greatest Hits was an example funnily enough.


I noticed this at the weekend. Using Naim app - Qobuz played 30 secs of each track, but if I choose the same Album in the Naim App favorites it plays it all?

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Paging @tomvamos here for any insight…

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The album in your favourites was be linked to the full album; the album you chose through the Naim app was the sampler album.

Does the Naim app not give you an option to play full or sampler? On the app I’m using to stream qobuz the sampler album is shown with an asterisk.

as photo below.

I had a 30 sec inly issue with Tidal via iPeng though, turned out in the Naim app I set it to repeat and that somehow caused the issue with iPeng, droves me nuts, some kind forum member suggested it.

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