300 Burndy connection

I’m trying to decide which way round the Burndy leads go from PS to HU on the 300.
One thread suggest page E35 on the manual has the answer but I don’t think it does.
The banding on one end of the Burndy denotes the source end.
As they are power cables is the ‘source’ the power supply or does ‘source’ refer to the HU which is the audio signal source?

Thoughts appreciated.

Banding against the 300 head unit.

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Band to Source is the Naim norm. But it can require some thought - as in this case…!!

…and in this case Ian, do you agree with SlamDam…banding on the HU?

I will agree with Naim Audio, based on the picture that @Slamdam has posted above.
That shows the Bands at the NAP (non PS) end.

I have got both of mine round that way round as per the connections guide as Slamdam says. I haven’t experimented. I invariably follow the follow the manual though did find inconsistency between the snaxo manual and the connections guide as to whether right or left channel on a 300 goes into A on the snaxo

Doh, only just noticed the little square graphic on the Burndy connection guide that Slamdam provided.
Thank you all for your advice, I was stood in my listening room blocked by indecision. I can move forward now.

Better… :thinking: :crazy_face:

Yes all good thanks. Still a bit of cable dressing to do but I couldn’t wait to have a listen. I’ve just upgraded from the 250 to the 300 and my goodness, so pleased with the result.


It’s a bit of a moment isn’t it.
I was impressed to put it mildly.

And thanks be, cos a 500 is way out of my financial reach!

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Possibly of use.

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…and how many of us have thought ‘this is really good, I wonder what the next upgrade will sound like?’ I’m going to enjoy this for some time I think.


Yes, very interesting. I’ll definitely relax the cables during the dressing process. Thanks.

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