300 DR with SL Speaker Cable

Thinking about upgrading the NACA5 to SL. Any reservations from those that have done that? I have a 300 DR, 252 SC DR. Worth the money? I have a pair of NBL’s. Thanks! Also appreciated the help on the pushed in tweeter. Looks like it’s still in working order!

What source are using?

In my system NDS 252 300 with B&W 804s Just gone SL full loom with the final piece XLRs added this week. For me the change to SL has been a revelation just wonderful and worth every penny.

But others on the forum have not had the same experience.

If you haven’t already got PowerLines, good racks and dedicated mains get them as they make a big. Then think about SL.


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Some like it, some dont, you will just have to try it and see if it suits you and your system

I have an HDX with an NDAC and PS 555. Also have an LP-12, superfine, suoercap, radikal.

Test them both back to back. Easy to do. In my opinion the SL was overall net “better” but some positive aspects were also lost.

I’m actually thinking about going with Witchhat Phantom speaker cables for my 252/300. The SL is expensive enough as it is, but I need 8-9m and that makes SL through the roof on cost (over $10k).

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Have you thought about Tellurium Q Black?. Works extremely well with naim ime.


If I’d consider to gradually move to SL, where would you start? I heart first Interconnect, then XLS’s and then loudspeakers. Would that make sense?


I have the same on my 500 and like it very much, great value for money and fantastic quality, had various others over the years, but this one is staying

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Iver good question I went speaker cable, interconnect then XLR. It was just a case of what was on the ex demo market at the time.

One thing that has eluded me is the SL speaker jumper cables which are far too expensive.

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SL worked beautifully when I had my NBLs powered by a 500, a big step up from NACA5, but you need to try some before committing as they are not to everyone’s liking.

When I had a NDX/XPSdr running into my 252/250dr system I was using a Hi Line.

My dealer installed some S/L speaker cables on demo and whilst they were better than the NAC5 I asked him to bring over a S/L interconnect I was staggered at the difference this made over the Hi Line with the S/L speaker cables in place they certainly worked well together.

As I was working up to a 300dr I purchased the speaker cables and interconnect and completed the full loom a few months after upgrading to the 300dr.

Thinking back I would start with the interconnect this worked best in my system/room but my be different for other people but I’ve always found source first generally gives the best results.

One thing they need plenty of time to settle in even if they are a dealers demo set ?

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I spoke to Naim support and they adviced the same order @pcd

The witchhat morgana interconnects are also great, as i found out between my 500 and 552.
Still using a hiline, but looking at trying a morgana in the new year

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No, but might be open to considering it. Do they have a money-back satisfaction guarantee like WitchHat has? It looks like it would cost me 50% more than the Phantom cable.

It is worth it.

Having said that - see if you can borrow a pair to test.
If you don’t have other SuperLumina cables in your system, the benefit will not be immediately apparent.

Have you space for the plugs behind the NBLs? I don’t with mine. You can’t get them with right angle plugs though you can get spades I think.

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