300 non dr service

Have for my second system just got a 300 non dr which needs a service. Not asking for alternative servicers (I assume not allowed per forum rules) but Darran at Class A has today told me he cannot do this.

Getting Naim to do is £400 per box which feels like a lot for two boxes. Is it dodgy just to get the ps done first and then see how I go?

Maybe I should have bought a new classic 250 instead :joy:

Did Darren say why he couldn’t do it?
It seems an odd product to fall outside of his services🤷🏻‍♂️

Got a feeling it might be to do with the parts.

I think I enquired about the same for a 500 some time ago.

He said something about safety checks. He said that Naim have started doing safety checks and as authorised service person he would have to do them - I am guessing that for some reason he can’t do them and so has to say no. Didn’t occur to me to ask why not

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Does this apply just to the NAP 300 or other Naim kit?

Just the 300 - he is servicing my 282

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You should get one for the S1. It’s almost at a NAP500 DR :sunglasses:



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If you believe certain viewpoints expressed on here, concerning how the new 250 stacks up against the 300, then maybe you should have bought a 250. :blush:

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Only Naim can service 300 head unit. Best going with Naim and getting it all serviced for £800.

Just think £800 then done for 15 years. I know it’s alot but noone else can do it.

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He can’t do 300 or 500 or 552. On Class A site it says what he can service.

Once you reach the Big Boy toys it’s Naim I am afraid!


Ah well maybe I should have bought a more modest amp for the study but it just seemed like a teeny little bit more over a 250dr, and I have fond memories of the first 300 I bought

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I do wonder what is so special that Darran can’t do the service?
Skills, spare parts, instructions, ???

It doesn’t have to be Naim. A/V Options can service 500 series gear in the states. My 552DR was done by them. So I’m guessing a 300 isn’t beyond them

If I were looking to buy a used amp myself and it had been serviced by an unapproved agent then I would steer clear of it or it would have to be cheap enough for it to be re-serviced at Naim.

I suspect many would feel the same so this could affect resale value in the future.

I’d bite the bullet and have Naim service it properly.


I’ve removed some posts. Please could members respect and abide by forum rules (discussion on unauthorised servicer). Thanks.

£800 over 15 years if my maths is still up to scratch works out at £53 per year (Or 14p per day). Not so bad then. Maybe Naim could think about launching a subscription service? :blush:

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My 300 non DR was serviced by the Naim German distributor so not necessary to send everything back to Naim UK.
Yes I suppose when you look at prices in that context one could even buy a statement system. I would tend to look at how much pleasure it gives rather than how many pence a day it is costing me though

You know that idea of a subscription service isn’t a bad idea at all. Naim get a constant revenue stream and people don’t have to find a large sum in one go… It also keeps servicing within the Naim orbit and reduces the likelihood of somebody getting some tin pot engineer to work on their gear just to shave off a few quid.

Car manufacturers have been selling service plans for years. I guess the plan would need to be transferable if the kit was ever sold on but that’s really not that hard to do.

The truth is few Naim owners would miss £10-£20 a month but it’s a lot tougher to suddenly have to find £1000 or whatever. If I was Naim I would be looking at that opportunity very closely, after all they already track the service history via model number. It’s only a matter of setting up a direct debit too.



I just had my 300 non DR serviced by Naim. I bought it new and stretched the service period to 19 years. Sounded great before and after servicing. The peace of mind that all is well for another 20 years is worth it to me. My annual car service can be £400 and it gives me much less pleasure….

Service plans by Naim does sound like a good idea though.

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