300 to 300 DR - what could I expect?

OK so the upgrade bug never subsides stops does it? Very happy with how things sound right now but always wondering if there’s more. Anyone following my posts will know I’ve done a ridiculous amount of upgrades this last 12 months, and the most recent 552 was the best of all. So currently have:

Kudos 606
KS-1 speaker cable
Out of the box Naim cables

Dedicated mains supply is coming soon.

What would a 300DR add?


PS a non-DR NAP500 P/L is in budget but it won’t fit in my rack so it’s a no go. We all have to draw a line somewhere!

PPS it might be possible to incorporate one into my rack. How would a NAP500 compare to a 300DR? :joy:

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I think @HiFiman made this change…

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Consensus view is an improvement all round. Can your dealer lend you one for a trial?

I would be tempted to go for a 500 non DR and perhaps get it serviced by Class A. A non DR would be better than a 300DR me thinks.

They come up on auction sites for around 5 or 6K but do need a service.

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A 300DR will be better than a 300 for sure. Would be a really good upgrade.

Could you add a medium shelf for 500? I think the 500 fits into that?

300 needs service? If so then DR is well worth the extra, especially with the 552 you now have.

300 is 2015, one of the very last non-DR so should still be good

Not using Fraim but I think I could get a double height shelf made.

Leaving a spare shelf on the other side for a… :grimacing:

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I made the move from 300 to 300DR and can say it’s a very good upgrade. More punch, grip and blacker blacks.
I use a 252 and love the combination.
I’ve heard 300DR and also a 500 on a 552 and preferred the 300DR. Not as impressive on first listen as the 500 is a real attention grabber, but I found the longer I listened the more I liked what the 300DR did in comparison.


I’m still running a none DR 300, sounds lovely with no urge to upgrade :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice. 500 would be a really good upgrade. I’ve seen 2002 units go for £5 to £6k. Service from class A should be less than £1k. I reckon that would be better than 300DR! :laughing:


Oh God it’s tempting :laughing:

And could get it upgraded to DR when funds allow

Waste to DR it then. If you can get a good trade go for a 500.

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It never stops does it :grin:

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Seems it would cost me similar money to DR my 300 versus swap it for a 500 non DR. Not a huge amount in it anyway.

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No :joy:

A 500 none DR does sound tempting and there’s a couple for sale one for 5k and the other for 5.5k with a Class A service for less than 1k, wow!!


I have a similar system to you but with a CD555/555PSDR fronting it. I currently have a 300DR and it is a very fine musical amp and great value. I too have upgraded my system in the past 2 years and obtained CD555/555, 552DR,300DR and KS1 on my Titan606. My new(to me) 500DR arrives this week and it was inevitible that that was where I would end up.
There is no doubt you will be delighted with the 300DR but if your ultimate goal is the 500 series then go for it now and enjoy it in your fine system.


Thanks and I think we all know how this is going to end now…