300: to DR or not to DR

Really enjoying my system of late, it has everything I want from everything since I added the 552. But it’s slightly bugging me that my 300 isn’t DR when the source and pre amp are though. I also speculatively bought some risers for my rack so that a 500 could be installed should the opportunity arise.

A dedicated mains will be going in soon and I’m not minded to start fiddling with the cables.

So that leaves;

  1. Swap my 2015 300 for new/newish 300DR
  2. Swap 300 for old 500 (is all budget will allow)
  3. Wait until a 500DR is affordable (some years away)
  4. Leave well alone and just enjoy

What would you do? The concern of a 500 visually unbalancing the symmetry of my 2 x3 stack does trouble me a tad.

Option 4 seems to be the best option based on this, “Really enjoying my system of late, it has everything I want”
300: to DR or not to DR

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Yeah but maybe I don’t know what I’m missing :smiley:

I would do option 1 as the dr upgrade is expensive and it will still be regarded as a 2015 amp come resale time? If you have the hankering for a 500 dr, the cheapest option is to save and pounce when the right one comes along.

Yeah I get that, and we all have those thoughts (fuelled by this forum). I too have wondered about a DR replacement for my 300 non-DR, but I’d want an extended home demo and just not sure i can being doing with all the hassle. I’m not convinced by DR on some items, seems to me to be different not always better.

Sorry, I’m going off topic a bit.

If I had to make a decision in your context, I would wait for a good opportunity for a NAP300DR, but more importantly: I would change speakers!

And I think, that the best gain in terms of musical performance will be with new speakers.

I’ve been there…

I think Naim users, including myself, tend to overlook the importance of speakers.

In terms of performance, doubling the budget of the speakers gives better results (a higher delta) than doubling the budget of the amp.


@Gazza Yes the price of DR upgrades is beginning to feel like a deterrent, especially given the wait times and hassle of being without the unit. I looked into upgrading but decided it wasn’t financially viable, sadly.

@BBWan this forum does have a tendency to bring on these dark thoughts!


@Thomas interesting but I see your point, hadn’t ever considered upgrading speakers again…

I should probably log off now!

Urm not sure if the speakers suit the room, Kudos are easy to please and the 606 I understand optimised with the Nap 300.

I’d be inclined to seek out a new DR’d 300. That said unlike the OP I’m attracted to the aesthetics of the 500!


I went from a 300 non dr that needed servicing to getting it serviced and dr’d. It was worth every penny, but some of that improvement may have been the servicing element. If you are contemplating a 500DR then leave it alone until you change to the 500. If you are going to keep it think about servicing and dr’ing at the appropriate time. It will come back as new.


Stop fannying around looking for changes that dont need making. Some of you are obsessed!
You have a lovely system that you say you are enjoying.
Put some music on and enjoy it. :wink:



Greater delta, would be more correct.

And there I was thinking naively that we were all talking about Stu’s power amp!

Economically, looking for a 300DR makes sense. You might just not look very hard. If you find one, fine - if not so be it…

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Option 4 and leave it as it is would be good.

If you can’t do that I would be tempted to go for a non DR 500. This will sound better than a 300DR and shouldn’t cost the earth. Then get it serviced by Class A or Naim. It doesn’t need to be DR. Then you can sell it later on and buy a 500DR when funds permit.

It makes no sense to get the 300DRd so selling current 300 and replacing with 300DR also makes
What is it you are looking for? You have a cracking system and speakers are amazing as well so I wouldn’t change out those.


I have 2 x 135s all serviced and they sound great. When I make the change will be looking at 500 non DR. And possibly a 52, 252 or 552 to replace 82. I heard the 252 with the 500 and it sounded very good.

A 300DR isn’t on my shortlist. Different system, different ideas. Go for 500. Will look amazing as well. Or stay put.

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Martin Colloms, in his review of the 300 DR stated that he gives it a lower score than the 300, because the addition of the DR obscures his absolute black background …
just so you’ll know…


The 300DR was used when voicing the Titan range. So I would be very tempted to go down that path — can’t be wrong if that is what the designer used.

And it doesn’t always need to be the top of the tree… If a 500DR was needed to make the Titans sing, surely Kudos could have afforded that one too… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you feel you “need” to spend more, what about active? I heard the 707 active (two 300DR), simply sublime. :heart_eyes:


There is no system you could own where this statement would not apply though. Ultimately you’re scratching in order to create an itch to scratch :slight_smile: