300dr or 555ps?

Hi, my current system is 282/250dr/HiCap dr/nDAC/uniti core/Sopra 2. Budget is an issue, so shld i upgrade the 555ps for my nDAC first or to 300dr for my sopra 2?


Neither. XPSdr and SCdr. One of which second hand if budget not flexible.

300DR. That was a much bigger leap (from a 250DR) than I expected.

I tend to agree with @feeling_zen here. The Supercap makes a massive difference to the 282 and really makes it the pre it deserves to be. The XPS DR will lift your source also. Bigger overall bang for your buck. Plus you can sell/trade the HiCap.

300DR is a great amp and makes you speakers seem way bigger than they are and is an immediate impact that gives a wow but for me Naim is best built from the pre with a good source.

I would get my ears on an NDS first (great value post ND555 release)

Selling Ndac could help fund.

A smoother source could be just right for your Focals


555PS DR and a seocnd Hicap. Two DR Hicaps are not far short of Supercap and this is a small cash outlay. You won’t regret getting the 555PS and can use it on an NDS if you get one later.

Agree with Gary here! A 2016 model just sold on eBay in Mint condition for £2700!!!

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