300DR ....shall I?

Completely agree with this. Adding a 552 to a 300 really shows how capable the 300 is, what an amp!


Just what my HiFi needed.


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Graeme…how do you find the isol8?
Having a dedicated mains installed and wondering whether to go that route rather than dedicated wall sockets which was the plan?

I just had the same dilemma, but it was pointed out that my Naim boxes will work better with a common supply via a Hydra than via separate plugs in separate sockets - I now have several on my dedicated radian mains. I have checked this and it is clearly true. It that is a widespread result, it suggests that adding another connection and cable (however good the power block in the middle) should not be able to add anything, and so should not be better.

Does other people’s experience suggest this is all wrong?


It’s an Isol-8 Powerline-Axis which I bought as I needed both multiple sockets and DC blocking for a pesky SCDR I used to have. The SCDR is long gone but I’ve hung on to it as a very effective power-bar.

I have negligible hum from my 7 boxes so happy to assume it’s doing some good with the feed to the kit.


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