I will of course home demo (when stocks are replenished) but what benefits will I get driving Kudos 606 with a 300. I use a 250DR currently (252/SC).


More better goodness

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And a lightening of the wallet….

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There is much made of the 282 vs 252 debate. 250 vs 300 is far more clear cut, darker richer, more detailed, deeper, better soundstage.


That’s sounds very encouraging!

And a lightening of the wallet, along with a sense of enhanced superiority….


Stop it.


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In your case Graeme go straight to 500 do not pass 300😉

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A future where you’ll demo $6k SL bnc → xlr cables.

Control, authority, effortless playback at low level listening I suspect.

My home demo of a 300DR was probably indicative of precisely what you get beyond a 250.

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I’d add that were I not running an active SBL system with 2 x olive 250’s the 300DR would be a no-brainer (and I suspect better with one non-active).

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This is one of those cases where YMMV applies. I found that the improvement from 282 to 252 was much more obvious than from 250DR to 300DR.
Yes the 300 is clearly better (driving Kudos C10s and Neat SX7i in my case) than the 250 but if I had 282/250 I’d go 252 before 300 every time unless my speakers were a particularly difficult load.


I ran a 252/Supercap250dr for a couple of years before upgrading to a 300dr speakers at the time were Spendor D7s.

The 300dr is a superb upgrade better grip, control, detail etc etc low level listening is greatly enhanced.

Upgraded to 606s a couple of years ago and they love the 252/300dr combination a very enjoyable set up indeed.

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I upgraded from 252/SCDR/250DR to a 300DR two years ago. All the great things said here about the improvement are my experience as well. The 250DR is a great amp, but the 300DR is in a whole nother league.


I have had 252/300DR with Kudos 606 for a year now and can highly recommend it. They are perfectly matched.


You will get more control, bass will be superior sound stage will be more stable especially at higher volume…on top of this more detail will be apparent…it will be a win win…the 250dr is good but 300 is in another league…


250 DR vs 300DR plenty on here

I have the T505 driven by 300DR - to me 300DR is the best VFM amp in the NAIM range - everything an more over and above the 250DR IMO when I demo 250DR vs my then 300 non DR

Kudos Titans to me are a delight through the range and very easy to drive so you might find the 250DR suits your system and ears - demo if possible as always

and as footnote the other thing to look at is the Kudos SE-1 cable !!

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Looks wonderful.

Yes, I have the Kudos speaker cable. Very good indeed.

Fingers in ears….

Not listening……