350 replacing 300. Stacking question

If changing from 300 to 350s.
Traditional brains and brawn 3-tier x2 Fraim set up.
Left: 552, NDS, Radikal, 300.
Right: Stax, 552PS, 300PS, 555
If replacing 300 with 350s do the 350s just slot into the bottom slots of each stack?
No longer brains and brawn

i would regard 350 as a power supply.

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I would also regard 350 as a power supply. A transformer close to 552 and NDS is a nogo IMO.

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I wondered how long before this topic came along. Gonna cause a lot of people issues if they want to maintain visual symmetry, whilst also preserving Brains/Brawn

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Thanks both. That could work as room for further shelf on the right. But the Radikal would be between a 350 and the NDS. No big transformer in the Radikal.

It’s good if the two Nap 350 stand on the same level on the two Fraims ,important that the two mono block sound exactly the same.

Easy just put each one behind each speaker and run balanced xlr to each and then 1 meter off speaker cable.
That’s the best way to do it

Go for a six-pack of 350s, then you can have two stacks of three.


Maybe not so good to have the 350´s that close to the speakers…

That’s the spirit! DBLs and a 350 sixpack.


It’s what a lot do with mono amp’s and now with at last the true balanced xlr’s you can.
Even naim has mentioned doing just that, and it makes good sense to do it this way

Have each 350 under the NDS in my case. I have 2 x 135s under the NDS. Its separated. On separate level. I have all power supplies on right hand side, apsrt from phono stage.

Are you getting 350s anyhow @Slamdam?

True, but it’s powered by an internal switching supply. It’s generally best to keep these away from toroidal transformers so I’m not sure having it above a 350 would be ideal.

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But there’s no low level audio signal going through it.

I think you’ll find that in a lot higher end balanced systems that’s exactly how it’s done. My Boulder dealer puts the amps out on the floor where the speakers are (I doubt he’ll carry the Naim New Classics).

I agree,keep the Radikal as far as possible from the rest of the system.

For sure it’s common, but I doubt that it’s
the best way to have sensitive electronics close to a speaker.

My dealer would not configure the main demo room with amps up front with the speakers if it didn’t sound better. I’ve known them long enough to realize they spend a lot of time sorting those things out for the best.

What’s your evidence/expertise to the contrary? How much do you know about Boulder systems that you think my dealer gets it wrong. :man_shrugging:

I think it’s mostly for display purposes and that the power amps are not happy to drive long speaker cables,like Naim amps do.

Ain’t getting anywhere. At the most continue the journey with speakers to squeeze out more of my current system :slight_smile: But speakers are also more challenging finding the right one since they dramatically alter the presentation and is bit more challenging to evaluate than electronics.