3D Movies


Yes, old hat, being phased out and I went through a phase of buying BluRays with 3D/2D content when I got a 3D capable Samsung a few years ago.

While I accept much of it can look unnatural, I ordered Avatar/Titanic 3D bundle the other day, and while I’ve always been amazed by the 2D visuals of Avatar on my AppleTV iTunes copy, I have to agree with the many reviews that suggest Avatar in 3D is a different beast, for the most part a really positive improvement.

Any major manufacturers of TVs or projectors still offering 3D these days - I did feel a big screen 3D experience would have been even better, my projectors are not 3D capable however.


Hi @Alley_Cat - I don’t think anyone has made a 3D TV since 2016.

After the initial hype in the noughties, it turns out that the public was more interested in better resolution than 3D.

3D in the home is pretty much dead. While punters might be willing to don a special pair of specs for an “event movie” at the cinema, it turns out that they couldn’t be arsed to do it at home.

The film studios have been pushing 3D since the early 1950s (and even before) and it’s never really caught on, with the obvious exception of the gimmicky and inexplicably commercially successful Avatar .


Reading this reminded me of watching “Creature from the Black Lagoon” made in 1954 in 3D when at uni nearly 40 years ago :sunglasses:


I didn’t watch it for several years thinking it too commercial, but I think it’s an incredibly good movie - the quality of the image in the opening scenes (spaceship against black starscape) and in spaceship scenes when they come out of suspended animation/whatever are great.

The later scenes tick so many boxes, perhaps done many times before (think Dances with Wolves or The Last Samurai in space), but with beautiful visuals and the usual instantly detestable US styles military leaders. Pure fantasy and fun, but 3D really adds something.


Absloutely - 3D has been tried several times and no one’s really that bothered.

I’m not sure if 3D in recent years fails due to difficulty suspending disbelief when items come ‘out of the TV’ and you know they transcend the screen borders - one reason I think a huge screen might work better, but the depth in scenes behind the TV plane works far better for me.


Some have been mastered for 3D better than others recently.
Definitely suits the silly monster mash up movies. The new Jurassic park 3D is very obviously flat in textures and depth, although the new Rampage with Dwayne Johnson and his big white monkey buddy has some very nice finely graduating depth and pop.


If you ever get the chance to try out the Avatar ride at Disney Orlando, check it out, it’s amazing. You sit on a mini saddle with handle bars as you fly through the jungle. The visuals and movement are so realistic, it’s frightening, even though your mind tells you it’s not real and you have not moved an inch.


Sounds like great fun.


I have both of those but only in 2D from a recent iTunes £2.99 sale. Shame iTunes don’t offer 3D as they’ve embraced 4k and their quality is miles better than years ago.


Having to wear special glasses to watch 3D is always going to limit its appeal, quite apart from anything else.


It’s much better than the laser treatment though, which hurts like hell :wink:


Now that would be an interesting variant of laser surgery! Possible of course for systems based on polarisation, though it might prevent wearing of polarised sunglasses (in my view the only worthwhile sunglasses).