4.7 update, worth it to do for nds, ndx?

thanks Mike. I will wait to hear what other hear too, but if the sound quality doesn’t change as you said, i will not do the update. It was a bit fastidious to do.

Where do I find the update,and what it does for the NDS?I know I struggled with the last one I did to my old 272.

You are not serious !!! Hooking up wires, pressing a few screen buttons, make a coffee, remove the wires. = 15 minutes

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to download the update on the pc. Remember, a lot of us, as me, had problems to do that. The last stage, you just described, is very easy…

see the top of the new topics, it is indicated.

It’s in Naim Software Updates … The Software Updates wods is a link to that screen

Ok thanks.

It is really, especially if you need to source old tech cables to connect to a computer like I’ve had to for a UC2 and now the Uniti2.

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So, of course, I don’t have a USB A to Mini USB B cable…

Naim should be applauded, for the update. I hope it goes well , but they are reacting to input and should be helped. Use the feedback in the App.

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Ok I downloaded the file to my laptop,opened a few folders until I found the English instructions,and read through it all…wow.For someone who only has basic computer skills,it is pretty intimidating.I need to change settings on the computer (never sleep),i think I have to select a “port” at some point in the update,no clue what this means.I saw it downloading a “zip file”,but really don’t know where,or what I have to open to start the whole process…ugh!
I have to go to work right now,so maybe tomorrow I wil attempt the update,but right now,I have reservations.I will keep my eye on this thread from work,maybe someone can post a “dummy’s “ help guide for doing the update.

Good idea, don’t attempt the update until you are confident that you understand what you are doing. Maybe you have a dealer that can do this? Or a friend whom is more learned in these matters?

Just took a close look at the steps involved in downloading the new patch. I forgot how complicated the whole procedure was when I did the previous firmware up-grade for my 272. Since the fixes are minor and don’t look like they affect the way I use the 272, I’ll pass. Life will be a lot simpler with the 272 replacement, hopefully available in the not too distant future!

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There are lots of us here who can talk you through the process, so just ask the questions. The main point is to follow the instructions really carefully. And don’t rush to do anything if it doesn’t do what you expect. Sometimes the message on the PC and the message on the streamer screen don’t exactly align immediately.


if it doesn’t change sound quality, why bother.

Thats a very positive way of looking at it M. Coq, what if the streamer has old firmware pre 4.6

The pleasure to have a top vintage nds!

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i don’t listen to radio and don’t stream tidal, neither use mp3. So only sound quality would decide me to update.


do I have to have version 4.6 to install 4.7? Can I upload an amendment from version 4.4?

I would just go straight to 4.7. With one unexpected exception, it has not previously been necessary to be on the latest version before doing the update.
You can always go back to 4.6 later if you want to.

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