4.8 Update

Anyone know of a technician in Masaachusetts who can perform the 4.8 update on my NAC 272? I would rather not screw this up at home.

Your supplying Naim dealer may well be geared up to do this. Or else you could try another Naim dealer but they may well charge for their time, which I guess is fair enough.

My friend just got his done by the dealer because he’s not technically savvy. They charged him a bit over $100 :scream:

The instructions to update to 4.8 instruct me to press the “spanner” button on the remote? Can someone please let me know what the “spanner” button icon looks like?

Here you go;

And in case it’s not entirely clear what the icon in Richard’s pic signifies:



Spanner is a british english word, possibly taken from German spannen - tighten.
Probably better known as a wrench in most other english speaking areas.

PS : Also NB: this symbol is called “tools”

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