4 PIN DIN to XLR wire between NAC N 272 and ATC SCM 40 Active

I have NAC N 272 with 555PS DR. I also have superlumina 4 PIN DIN -XLR. I am in process of purchasing ATC SCM 40 Active. What wire will be best between 272 and ATC 40 Active. Whether i can use Superlumina 4 PIN DIN - XLR cable.

You do not need anything as expensive as Super Lumina.
A reasonably good quality cable that conforms to ATC recommendations for DIN-XLR is all thats needed.

I already have Superlumina DIN -XLR as my earlier amp was 300 DR

As Mike says most of us using ATC Active’s don’t use high end cables as per ATC recommendation . I use Benchmark XLR-XLR which are basically Canare L4E6S Star Quad cable with Neutrik connectors. If you are in the UK Mark Grant makes the exact same cable to a high standard and would offer excellent advice regarding DIN or RCA connections at your source end .
Otherwise I’d look at Mogami or I’ve heard of a few people using Chord Shawline from a 272 to ATC Active.

The speaker manufacturers that have a domestic and professional monitor business to studios tend not to favour the high end speaker cables. Both ATC and PMC at demo’s i have been to use cables that are literally a few quid and available off a reel. Best to listen yourself, if you like you can then claw back some money by selling your SL cable.

OK, so use them, but are they long enough ???
I recently wired a friends ATC 19A’s & it needed 4m to the furthest speaker, we elected to have the same length on both sides, although this is not actually required it gave flexibility for future changes.
The cable was Mogami screened pair, I did not connect the screen at the DIN (Naim) end to avoid any possible ground/earth issues because the amp & speakers were on different power circuits.

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If you use the DIN output on your 272, you are going to need to get cables made up with a splitter to go from the single DIN to both speaker XLR inputs. Or use the phono outputs, with two separate cables. Either way, your SL cable is no use here.

The 272 has two 4-pin DIN pre-amp outputs.

This review http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/ATC_SCM50ASL_Review_Hi-Fi_Critic_Sept_19.pdf might indicate that the choice of long interconnect may be worth some investigation.

I have the same set up as the OP and had the DIN cable made up by ATC. Cost about £100 for 4m length and as ChrisSU says, it uses a single DIN connection on the 272 with a splitter to connect to each speaker (as recommended by ATC and my Naim dealer). The OP should could sell the superlumina and pocket the money or spend elsewhere on music or further upgrades.

It seems strange to use a single din with a splitter when there are two perfectly good sockets on the 272. Maybe everyone at ATC isn’t aware of what the 272 has. When I spoke to them they suggested two cables wired in quasi balanced.

The SL cables I have are only 1m long, which would limit speaker width to less than 2m centre to centre. I’d be selling the SLs and getting a pair of appropriate din to XLRs made up.

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Perhaps @Musicraft can add a Naim/ATC retailer view on this single split v two DIN to XLR cable conundrum?

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Ok, so it is better to sell superlumina 4 PIN DIN to XLR and superlumina speaker cable

Yes, you cannot use them with ATC actives.

I would say yes. It’s what I did when I went ATC active and also sold my 250 power amp.

The two types of cable I’d recommend are Mogami 2947 (unbalanced); or one of the high end microphone cables by Mogami or Canare, either two core + screen or star quad, in either case wired pseudo balanced.

I use the Mogami 2947 for connections from a 272/555DR to a 300DR, and I rate it very highly - considerable above each of the microphone cables I’ve tried in my system.


I used Mogami 2947 RCA>XLR pseudo-balanced from 272 to ATC actives, an inexpensive and high quality cable which I now use XLR>XLR from dCS Bartok to ATCs

The ATCs are active so not speaker cables, but ATC don’t tend to favour fancy interconnects anyway.

To the OP, you might want to talk to your dealer about cables. When I bought my SCM40As my dealer asked me how long I needed the cables to be and included them with the speakers. However, mine are balanced and different considerations may apply for unbalanced wires, but I’d still recommend talking to your dealer.

BTW with new speakers you might find you want to try different room arrangements (I did). If this is likely in your case, do be sure your cables are long enough to permit this.


This was the reply I received from ATC when I was looking at going Active a couple of years ago . Neither here or there really but shows they’re not a overly worried as long as cables are “fit for purpose” . I would recommend something Star Quad though as they things improved here probably due to better shielding .