4 PIN DIN to XLR wire between NAC N 272 and ATC SCM 40 Active

We’ve only used single 4 pin din > two XLR or single 4 pin din > two RCA configured cables with all Naim pre amps and Naim power supplies > power amplifiers, active loudspeakers and sub woofers.

Besides which on a NAC -N 272 it keeps a din socket free for connecting up a sub woofer or two which can work a treat :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for your input

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Well the din outputs we’re not designed for long distances …

These are not true xlr 6 volt outputs

Hence the shorter the cable the better For the 272 sound quality

Personally I’m not particularly comvinced with driving a naim NAC with an active speaker. I tried it with a Dynaudio 110 active but it was not fully convinced to my ears

A bit of a thread side-track I know but I’m curious: When taking the feed from a pre-amp out socket to active speakers such as ATCs (via a split cable presumably) how does the stereo information get processed such that each channel gets the L or R speaker feed?

The DIN pre-amp outputs (single DIN or double DIN’s) are wired accordingly.
ch1 & ch2

OK, I understand. So if using the 2 DIN pre-out sockets on the 272 you’d need a L ‘handed’ and a R ‘handed’ cable, one for each channel.

Yes (correct)


I’m pretty sure this is what Mike meant but just to be clear: both sockets are stereo, so the plugs need to be wired appropriately.

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Not necessary to reserve a DIN for that, the NAC-N272 also has two RCA Phono sockets for connecting a sub.

You’re welcome :+1:

To clarify yes, i know the RCA pre out can also be used to feed a sub/s however ime of using the 272 for almost five years and most recently with a Fathom f212 v2 and a Gotham g213 v2 consistently continues to show that superior performance is achieved by using the 272’s din pre outs.

For driving the main speaker yes; for driving a sub I’ve found there’s little or no difference in the sound from the output connections.

Sorry but i am going to differ because ime the 272 has consistently shown when used to feed a sub/s superior performance is achieved by using the 272’s din pre outs (din > rca or din > xlr) over the RCA pre out.

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