4 speakers from Naim amp

Did you try the Sonos amps with anything else (non-ceiling speakers) in the same room to conclude it was the speakers? I know nothing about monitor audio either.

I have a legacy Sonos amp (ZP120, the one with Sonos S1 app, not the new one) connected to a pair of Sonus Faber Principia 3 as my second (budget) system in my bedroom. At low volume it sounds meek just like the background music (another ZP120 with several chinese made ceiling speaker). But when I turn up the volume to above 50% it sounds ok.
Or maybe it’s just my low :roll_eyes::thinking:

I didn’t @willf . However, in a previous home ( we move a lot!:wink:) I ran a NAP250 on one of the pairs. I could hear NO difference at all. I have found ceiling speakers a challenge to make sound good enough for critical listening. They can be fine for background listening, but subjectively, not better than my Muso QB’s.

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