4G home router help and advice

Good plan. I used a TP Link mifi bought cheaply online (we now use it when travelling) as the “proof of concept” to Mrs AM at the time. Those devices have the added benefit of allowing you to test all your upstairs windows, without having to keep plugging in and out of mains power.

The Three predictor is far from infallible. In our case it was overly pessimistic. We are able to get speeds of 65+ at both the front and back of the house, as we are lucky enough to be within a mile or so of two different masts - despite being in very rural East Sussex. 5G is tantalisingly close, but I’m more than happy as things stand tbh.

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Well got a 4G router and have tested it with 3 network sims. All of the coverage maps including that of Ofcom showed 3 was the way to go. Real life trials, various times off day and various home locations showed 3 was really slow locally 6 to 9 mbps O2 not much better and EE gives bet 25 to 63 mbps. No brainier am going with EE.
Somewhat better than our existing 3to 4 mb with BT broadband. Not only that but keeping landline and that with new EE 4G bb is cheaper than had been currently paying!
Thanks to all for advice and info

Edit will likely look at an outdoor antenna next

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Have you gone for an unlimited data package? Unless you are very frugal with your usage it’s easy to use a lot of data especially when streaming TV or lossless music. With EE that means paying £50 or more a month plus landline rental. I find it hard to believe you were paying anything like that for a slow ADSL service, and it’s frustrating that the tantalisingly cheap Three option is not fit for purpose, at least for some of us.

Hi @ChrisSU
Yes unlimited data….have been amazed at my own data usage in a few days but going ‘sim only’ (own router) with current offer of 6 months half price on 24 month contract works out at 24.50 or thereabouts per month over the term of contract. Am keeping the BT landline, but by being “landline only” with no other broadband provider via the copper cable the cost of my landline deal halves.

Happy :slightly_smiling_face:
Possible caveat being a lot of trees close to me between my house and the mast which don’t have leaves currently… will wait until summer and decide on external aerial then I think.

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Glad it’s working out, and that EE workaround sounds like good value. You sometimes have to do a bit of DIY on these things, and when you get a good result following that, it’s especially satisfying.

If you do go down the external aerial route, do note that the connections on the back of routers are far from standard.

Check out Starlink satellite broadband. Not cheap but not too horribly expensive. There also may be other wired options for you. We have Gigaclear who fibered up our local area.

Thanks @petermjames, unfortunately not in my area. Houses are sparse and spread out so not commercial for alternative companies.

That is a shame. We live in a hamlet in a rural area but the local authority subsidised Gigaclear to fibre up the hamlet.

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