5 din to 2 RCA phono

I have just sold my trusty NAC 62/NAP 140 amps to a gentleman in Mauritius as, I have changed to a 5i now. Until he can get some decent leads, will any 5 din to 2 RCA phone loads work in a Naim amp please? I gave him a 5 din to 5 din which works fine for his tape player, but to connect his CD and Tuner he only has phono lead connectors.

Most 2 x RCA Phono to DIN5 interconnects should work fine. I find the Naim lavender/grey or old Chord Chrysalis interconnects ideal for connecting up non-Naim kit to a Naim amp. Usually plenty around secondhand for not a lot of money.

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Thanks Richard. That’s really helpful. I think for him that 5 din are pretty redundant in Mauritius for years now and I am trying to get him up and running before he buys better cables.

If in doubt, Naim amps nearly always have a small diagram next to the socket showing the pin layout. You will almost certainly be fine. The 4 pin DINs require a little more care as some are wired differently, for old Quad amps for example, but I don’t think there is much risk of this with the 5 pin DINs.

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Yes, that’s true. Thanks.

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Remember that you need RCA to Din, not the other way round.

Can’t see that as, surely it’s just a cable connecting wires and it’s the some either way? The Naim amps have 5 din and the buyer has RCA phono leads so, simply extending leads to enable 5 din connection.

It’s just the configuration of the cable

RCA to DIN will be wired as an input cable. DIN to RCA will be wired as an output cable. The pin wiring configuration on the DIN end of the cable is different for the input or output versions.
Your friend will need an RCA to DIN cable as HH mentions.

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It does indeed matter, as the others have said. In this case though, nothing will explode if the cable is the wrong way, so just try it and see.

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Ok. Enough. I get the message. Thank you and all the others who answered.

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