5 month old Nova - scraping/rasping sound with rotary volume control

Is anyone else experiencing a scraping or rasping when turning the Nova rotary volume control? Is this normal or should it be silent? I also own a Mu-So Qb and that has the same issue (to a lesser extent).

I guess this might not be unique to the Nova and could effect; Statement, Atom, Star and Mu-So and Mu-So Qb’s. Is it possible to maintain the bearings without sending the unit back to Naim (I note that all liquids should be kept away from the rotary control)?

I presume dust will naturally accumulate in the rotary groove over time that will need cleaning so what are the guidelines for removing this and keeping the volume control maintained?

Someone struggled with it here and solved it with a vacuum etc. :slight_smile:


Tip it upside down and get the vacuum out. Worked last time!

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Didn’t work…back to dealer I guess…

I had exactly that problem some time ago. I tried the tip it up, vacuum it, use a compressor to gently blow air in to dislodge anything that might be causing it. No success. It was sent to Naim who repaired it by replacing the volume pot. (is it a pot on these units?). I was never advised of what caused the problem. Been perfect ever since.

I returned my first Muso for same issue and got a replacement, it should be buttery smooth

Great. Only had the damn thing 5 months and it needs to go back to Naim? Just as its about burnt-in. Cant wait for the long wait to get it replaced. Grrrr.

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