500DR or a good speaker for my upgrade

Wow, looked tiny and kind of very room friendly.

haha, friends they are!
yes - not too big and not too small - here is some perspective if of help


Hi @mech ,

Are you talking about AV One? But I checked they’re still selling Naim gears at normal price.


There’s a review by Stereophile on the 'net which seems a good & informing read.

From Absolute Sound @HAS. They got some clearance to make. But the 500DR I am getting is not open box clearance though :laughing:


The Marten really look somewhat wonderful with its apartment friendly sizes. There are so many speakers around. I should take my time on them and complete my 500-series first.


I can’t say which you should do, but based on experience I am a very strong believer in getting the speakers right, and other things will follow and make the speakers sound better, Provide that the amp is capable of at least reasonable control of the speaker, and the source is at a reasonable level not rubbish. The reason for my approach is quite simple: the speakers have a greater effect on the character of the sound you hear than any other component. And unless you are someone who doesn’t mind the bottom end of their music curtailed or missing, or even dislikes the bottom end, decent speakers are inevitably launch end expensive. The source first brigade think the opposite way round, and likely would call the result s mullet if you do upgrade the speaker first.


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