500dr or ND555

Hi all,

I was on previous poll on shld i upgrade my 250dr to the 300dr.

Now to complicate matter, my dealer a good deal for 500dr. Now im torn w 2 option with the budget on hand:

Option 1:
Buy ND555 n 300dr

Option 2:
Buy 500dr

My current system is 252/supercap dr/ nDac w 555ps dr/ uniti core / sopra 2 w SL spkr cable and of course the outgoing 250dr

Your comments pls (but do not give me option 3 pls). :grinning:

All on a Friam/ pucker rack I assume?

Normal rack

System even as it is warrants a good decoupled rack. Certainly to get the best from 500 series equipment I would be wanting a full Fraim in my opinion.

Depends on the price of the 500DR. I am pleased to have preloved serviced unDRed 500/552 of near 2000 vintage. Also nDAC/555DR, SL loom and Sopra 2. The Sopras were much happier with the 500, which is a wonderful poweramp. Mains arrangements and racking become more important at that level.

I drive my nDAC from Innuos Zenith via a high quality USB to SPDIF converter. If you are happy with the Uniti Core then ok.


Option one

Option 1. Source first and the 300DR is already a huge step from the 250DR.
With the ND555 you don’t only benefit in sound quality but also with all the additional advantages of the new streaming platform - qobuz, roon etc. You can always later upgrade to a 500DR.
And yes, a fraim is a must at 500 level. Best would be to have two stacks.

Anyway this are really great options you can choose between - so happy listening.

Yes option 1, a great system

Option one

Option 1

I used a 252,Supercap dr and 250dr for several years upgrading to a 300 dr was probably the best VFM upgrade I’ve made.

Source was NDX,XPS dr which I upgraded to a ND555 and 555 PS some 18 months ago obviously this was a substantial step up and the system seems to be very well balanced and sounds superb.

As others have said at this level you do need a good support and mains etc.

Have fun whatever you decide.

Option 1 is a great, well balanced system for life.
Option 2 only makes sense if you ‘know’ that you’re eventually heading towards a ND555/552/500 system. If that’s the case then you’ll certainly find the 500 a big immediate uplift on your 250 and avoids trade-in losses moving from NAP300 to 500 in the long term. I ran a 500 with a 52 for many years and it was a lovely system, but again, only if you think you’ll end up with a full 500 system…

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Option 1

Hi KJC, understand that 500dr shld be a great improvement over my 250dr. But i may hv to run the 500dr awhile w my current setup before i can get a 552 n nd555 due to budget… so is it still wise to get the 500dr?


Option 1.

Another vote for option 1. There is a great synergy between 252 and 300 boxes which should provide you with many hours enjoyment especially when hooked up to the nd555 which really has moved things on significantly for digital music with naim. You may find this combination is as far as your naim journey needs to go; leave it a while before deciding if 552/500 is worth it for you.



Hard one to answer categorically CM! If you see yourself with a full 500 series system within a reasonable timescale and if the deal is truly good ( I recently saw a highly reputable dealer offering a second hand one for £10k for e.g.) then it just saves you having to trade a 300 for a 500 later. Would the ND555 and or 300 that you will otherwise buy also be at used or ex dem discounts?

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Either option 1 or a 552.
Personally, I would prefer a 52 to a 252, a 552 is the end game.

Option 1 - get the best source before perfecting the power amp…

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Hi KJC, everything here i mentioned is basex on brand new set from dealer.