Got the 2nd one DRed it landed on the mat Wednesday
My other 500DR was done before I bought it so this is my first time with the dreaded 500 burn in period
This amp is on the bass and from just out the box it’s excellent, I was expecting to be playing the Snaxo as the bass was getting too prominent before it left, a combination of the phonostage and Snaxo upgrades burning in

My initial impressions are more detail and it definitely goes lower but surprisingly it’s not pushing the bass in my face, rather keeping a low profile and getting on with the job, so to speak
It sounds more refined, which is a theme I’ve noticed with the DR across the board

Curiously I noticed the power supply doesn’t get DR treatment, it’s only the amp
Just wondering why the treatment applied to a supercap isn’t applied to the 500PS
Is this the same for the 300 ?


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Hi Lyndon,

The power supplies for the 300 & 500 are unregulated, this is done in the head units, so there is no DR (discrete regulator) option available for these.

Supercap/Hicap etc. are regulated power supplies.


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