504 Error when opening album booklet from Naim App

Anyone else getting a 504 error (gateway time out) error from the Naim App when trying to open the booklet for an album ?

Seems to have hit me today; I’ve done the usual restart of router, Nova, NAS, switch, but to no effect.

Doesn’t stop the album from playing so not a show stopper.

Yes I was getting the same error message last night. Haven’t tried today but I may just reinstall the app. to see if that makes a difference.

500 series errors, including 504 come from the server not the client. So the Naim app isn’t generating the error but a proxy between it and the end service it’s attempting to access.

If the album notes are stored locally (on a device in your home) it will be a local issue. If they are fetched from the internet then a gateway you have no control over is likely at fault. Results would likely vary between countries.

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I had the same thing last night on my Zen mk3. Server problem which I cured by reset on the server UPnP.

I get the error 504! Uniti Star with music stored on hardrive connected via Star’s USB.

Me too. I get this error code. I let Naim support know. I’m just waiting to hear back.

Me too! I assumed Rovi had died or something. Honestly not a great service anyway.

Hi Everyone,

We have been working with Rovi to get this fixed. It’s an intermittent issue where when a Rovi Search is done, it can fail to reply with an internal gateway timeout error.

Once Rovi have resolved the issue I will post an update.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director

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I’ve suffered from the problem again. Some days information appears others no information.

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