50th Anniversary of What’s Going On Release

I already have a reissue from 2015 put out by Charly/Curtom which I was pretty dubious about but all of the manufacturing including the cutting and pressing was carried out by Optimal who though not up there with the very best did an above average job on this.

I’m certain a second box set will come out there are four or five releases on Curtom if you include the Short Eyes Soundtrack between 1975-78 which lends itself perfectly to a Part 2.

Oh wow thanks for pointing me to the Detroit Mix - I was not aware it even existed. It´s a revelation indeed!


It’s good, but I prefer his rawer earlier stuff like Hitch Hike, Stubborn Kind of Fellow. Ain’t That Peculiar, Baby Don’t You Do It, which were among the first records I bought in the '60s.

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