52 volume control

My grandson (bless him) twisted the control so that no sound is now at 6 rather than 7 o’clock. To correct this, I took the dial off and moved the grub screw a little. I know now I shouldn’t have. The control works fine but the system sounds brighter than before. Is this my imagination?


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My grandfather would’ve possibly beaten me to death under this scenario. You’re practically a saint.

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When this happens, you can turn the knob to full volume and then twist it a bit further to correct the position. You probably didn’t need to bother with the grub screw. As to it sounding brighter, there is no possible reason why it should.

Lovely system btw.
My wife did this to my old 82 years ago in a fit of emotional rage to -2! Apparently the one Saturday morning I get off is not for having fun.
After threatening her if she broke it I’ll go out and buy a 552 on the house mortgage, I did like it was suggested just rotate the pot to max then over rotated so it lined up to 10. Bless her she’s a little fire cracker :rage: why me….
She’s never touch my Olives since!

That’s the price you pay…


On a related theme, I recently acquired a used 252. Near mint condition, but I noticed the volume knob slides off the spindle with a light pull.

Wear & tear on the spindle-receiving part of the knob seems the likely culprit.

Any preferred remedy?

82 years seems like long enough to forgive her though…

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Paper glue? PVA

Maybe it is not you imagination. Swiping the volume cotrol full backwards and forwards a few times will clean the contacts.

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