523/1 vs 523/2 Phono boards what changed?

What changed between the original 523/1 and the later 523/2 boards? I assume 523/2 are the latest spec?


Probably one for @NeilS.

AFAIK biggest changes occurred on the 3 series boards. By the time the 5 series arrived the boards were very well developed.

I have the following, if it helps:

  • 322 N Version 4
  • 323 E Version 5
  • 522 N Version 4 (bought new 2001, serviced)
  • 523 S Version 1 (serviced & now converted to E)

All work… :grinning:

I have checked through the data I have available to me but I’m drawing a blank on this one.
Usually the change would be a minor one.
If I can dig anything up I’ll report back.


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The ‘/’ number is on the PCB - so the PCB must have changed in some way…?
Perhaps just a layout change to suit alternate/newer components - rather than a ‘design’ change…?

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