523 MC phono board evolution

This must have been asked before but a search does not reveal too much information.

Can anyone tell me what the changes were as the 523 pre-amp phono boards went through the various revisions (I want some for an 82 pre-amp), I understand they went from 523/1 to 523/5 and I would like to now if the difference is minor or substantial.

I have the offer of some 523/1s and was wondering if they were significantly ‘worse’ than later revisions. I want to team these up with a Linn Troika.

Thanks in advance

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Probably needs @NeilS in Salisbury, on this one… :thinking:

I think there have only been two revisions of the 523, comparing pictures of both, the only obvious change I can see is the PCB manufacturer appears to be different.
Based on this, they would be identical in terms of performance.


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