55 years ago this month

“It was 55 years ago this month that a quarter of the UK Top 20 Album Chart was occupied by Bob Dylan’s first five albums:

‘Bob Dylan’ (1962),
‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’ (1963), ‘The Times They Are A- Changin’’ (1964),
‘Another Side Of Bob Dylan’ (1964)
‘Bringing It All Back Home’ (1965)”

Think I will give them all a play this weekend.



Excellent plan!

Next Wednesday 27th it will be 54 years since Dylan’s Royal Albert Hall gig, with yous truly in attendance, the last gig he played before the motorcycle accident and it 8 years before he would tour again and then only the US. I’ll be giving that show a play from the “Live 1966” box set then.

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Excellent and what do remember from that famous gig?


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If you check out the Lifetime Albums topic and scroll down to Jan 8, most of it’s there Or if you’re very keen get the “Dylan: I Was There” book for the full thing, the book is probably for completists only though!

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