552 Av bypass issues

Hi there. I seem to be having a problem setting the Av bypass on the 552. I think there is an issue but not sure. I’ve tried both 4 and 5 sockets on the back which are the bypass ones. Re/programed them numerous times. The indicator lights on the volume control and the balance both go off when the av input is selected but no sound. Tried both and nothing. No issues with the 252 I had before 2 minute job. Not sure if this is relevant but on the there is a hiss from the speakers regardless of the mute setting on or off but with the 252 the hiss would disappear when muted…may not be relevant but I thought I mention it. Both the PS and the Pre have just had full services at Naim so all in good health…I hope,
Any feedback would be appreciated

Sorry you haven’t received a reply yet. You may want to page Richard Dane.

Do you get any sound when Unity gain on those inputs is not selected?

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In addition to Richard’s comment above, I assume you are using the same cable to connect to the 552 socket 4/5 that worked fine with the 252 ?

Hi Richard.

Yes I tried the NDX 2 in both inputs 4 and 5 and the is sound coming through but nothing on bypass apart from the hiss.

I have been speaking directly to the dealer and Naim technical support and it’s seems that they both think the dealer has kindly offered there is a problem with the unit but not sure what.

The dealer has kindly offered to exchange the 552 for another one they have once it comes back from Naim after service

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Yes no issues. Same cable which is new I had also swapped the one out for another with the same results regrettably

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