552 burndy question

Just got the 552 yesterday
The burndy to connect 552 to 552ps doesn’t have a clear band to the source end.
Under the braided sheath that surrounds the cable I can sort of see and feel a band. I connected that end to the 552. Have I got that right?

Nevermind, searched forum and I am correct but it is really hard to see the band (under the braided sheath).
This should be clearly stated in the owners manual- it is not
Anyway system sounds amazing atm

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Thoughts compared to your 52?

Are you running the 552 into the 135s?

Well done David. Hopefully you’ve genned up on getting the Burndy connection just right - it makes a remarkable difference to overall performance I have found.

Check the Burndy for how it’s dressed and whether it’s nicely “relaxed”. It’s easy to get wrong and the sound then gets hardened at the top end and lacks air and “breath”.

Take each connector of the cable in each hand with the cable looped between in front of you. gently twist the connectors with a wrist movement while gently swinging the cable. You may wish to do this alone, as you may get some odd looks…

Also check to see that the strain relief on the connectors is not done too tight or too loose. There should be a small amount of movement but not too loose.

When you connect the two ends make sure the cable is nice and relaxed as per the above and that you have “formed” it so the plugs slide in perfectly without having to put any torsional stress on any of it.


after just 2 days of warm up the 552 is clearly a significant step up compared to my 52.
More info comes through, easier to turn up the volume and enjoy it at higher volume than I usually listen to. However quiet listening is also very good
Overall a giant step up as would be expected at the price.
Assume my 135s are good enough as system sounds so darn good.
I have a very large room so wonder what a 500DR would do for me…
My only small gripe is that the volume control is not as responsive as I am used to. Both with the Narcom 4 and the R-com. The R-com works a bit better and has seemingly a longer range. Also the R-com is gorgeous and oozes quality and has a real heft. So my Narcom is put away for now.

Sounds fantastic and I am really excited for you @davidf. My dream is to have a 552 with my 135s. I would funds permitting go for the 500DR as well. Long term goals. But yes the 135s should be all good with the 552. The 250DR and 300DR is so 135s will be too. Enjoy your new purchase!

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“Also check to see that the strain relief on the connectors is not done too tight or too loose. There should be a small amount of movement but not too loose.”

Can I just check, Richard…are you taking about the silver metal collars? I’ve always tightened them to where they click in…assumed that was correct.

agree Stevie, still not clear to me either
@Richard.Dane I have seen this multiple times explained and my Google Translate gets puzzled with all those specific terms. Can’t we have a Youtube movie where it is shown to us?

If I take the example of the IsoAcoustic Gaia - that also require some specific steps to set up correctly - , the manufacturer has videos available where they demonstrate to users


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No, not the locking collars. These should be done up fully until they click.

Thanks Richard.
That’s a relief, lol!

I personally thought that going from 135’s to a 500 was a larger step than going from a 52 to 552. My 500 is away at the factory, so I’m using my old 135’s for the moment but I sure am missing what the 500 does!

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