552 connection question

Was just looking at the Naim connection guide, and I have a question about the output connection from the 552 PS to the amp. If you are connecting a 250, you use a stereo 4 pin to 3 pin cable out of the right hand (as you face the back of the PS) DIN connector on the PS to the input on the 250. That means the cable carries both L and R channel signal, and thus the connector on the 552PS outputs stereo signal.

However, if you connect a 552 to a 500, you need two mono 4 pin to 3 pin cables, and you put one cable on the left side DIN output and one on the right side DIN output on the 552PS, meaning that only left signal goes out of the left DIN output, and right signal out of the right side one.

My question is: How does the 552 PS know whether to output full stereo out of the right hand DIN output jack vs. just R channel signal? There’s no switch to choose stereo out vs. two mono out. Does the act of plugging in a cable to the left hand side output on the 552PS somehow tell the amp that the sound coming out of the right hand jack needs to be right channel signal only?

All outputs are stereo, there are just a different cables: two monoral instead of one stereo. Same as Supercap to poweramp.

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Huh. Probably should’ve thought of that. Makes sense. Cheers!

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