552 dr

Is the DR on the 552 a no brainer? Currently paired with 300DR / NDS and 555DR.

I prob need to make a decision before Naim change the service DR pricing structure.


Yes, in my opinion. The 552 is the last piece I DR’ed and it dances well with the other DR pieces.

My late 2016 serviced 552/500 (unDRed) leaves me completely content. Everyone who has heard it says it’s very musical, meaning I assume, it leaves you just wanting to listen the music which makes complete sense. I spent a lot of time getting the setup right. DRing doesn’t sort issues out. At least the 552 DR upgrade costs less than the 500!


I had my 552 serviced last year and didn’t have the funds to DR at the time. I was planning to do it at some point but am very content. Naim’s change in DR upgrade costs (you can only get done with a service) is what is making me rethink…


In my opinion modifying the 552 to DR spec is a no-brainier. It works well with DR and non DR power amplification alike.
FWIW in my experience all the NACs hugely benefit from DRing.
The poweramps are however more nuanced, and in my opinion DRing doesn’t always bring the expected benefits to some systems.

Thanks all, it’s a bit of a timing thing… after August I can’t get the Dr upgrade on it’s own so it looks like 2k now or wait and pay 3k and have an unnecessary service…


I thought the DR upgrade gave a huge lift in performance. I had mine done soon after it was introduced. I was at first not going to have this expensive upgrade done as £1750 seemed obscene.

But then a friend borrowed a dr power supply to hear on his 552. Within a few seconds I was changing my mind and soon after mine was booked in as £1750 for what I had just heard now seemed good value.

So would DRing a 500 be a no brainer, particularly if the unDRed 552/500 sounded just right?


I think only you could decide… I would suggest it’s more nuanced and not a ‘no brainer’ decision, unlike the NACs.

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I’d disagree. It’s a tremendous upgrade. I would have happily have stayed put with a 300DR. The 500DR is sensational and, as you suggest, a complete no-brainier.

But so is the 500.


Hi Simon,
Have you had the opportunity to compare the 500 pre & post DR? It has come across to me as one of the Naim components that benefits the most from being DRed, even more so than the 552.

Best regards, BF

Not critically … I have enjoyed DR and non DR 500s, albeit in other people’s systems… given my experience I would always audition DRing an amp… but I have always found DRing NACs positive… but following my advice, one should audition those as well…

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